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Laughter workshop

By Nili Egozy

D.M.T.R.   M.A.

The happiest event of the year

You must try it

In the workplace:
"Happy Hours" to invigorate and integrate the workforce. The workshop raises the level of the morale and the feeling of well being of the workers releases tensions and infuses energy, clears the head, helps towards internal cohesiveness , improves inter-employee communication, nurtures interest and identification with the organization.
The workshop can be used as a tool to reinvigorate the workday at the place of work, as a break in a course or work congress or on an employee vacation.

For private groups:
The "Hysterical Laughter Workshop" causes marvelous group adhesion complete with musical, movement and happiness and helps to refresh relationships between friends and couples... It is a special multi- active experience suitable for all types of meetings, e.g. Couples evenings, singles parties, surprise parties etc…



Email: niliegozy@hotmail.com

Laughter workshop have been accepted with big excitement for more than 15 years in many work places:

hi-tech company crews @ medical crews @ bank workers @ educational crews: psychologist, social workers teachers and kindergarten teachers @ crews from the IDF units government works @ private groups: friends, family, birthdays and surprise parties

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